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Supernatural Disappearances by Rodney Davies (1995)

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Pages crisp and clear with tight binding. Minimal wear to dust jacket. See images

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  • Format - Hardcover
  • Pages - 191



This work explores the oddest and most mysterious of events, the vanishing into thin air of people, animals and inanimate objects. While seemingly impossible, such disappearances have been reported throughout history and they still occur today. However, because those who disappear in this way often reappear as if by magic in a distant place, these supernatural appearances and their linking movement, known as teleportation or translocation, are also considered. The book similarly investigates the strange phenomenon known as bilocation, which occurs when a person duplicates himself. His or her double may manifest in a different place, where it may conduct itself as if it actually was that person, and from where it will in time vanish as mysteriously as it appeared.


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