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Global Issues in the United Nations Framework (1989)

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Pages crisp and clear with tight binding. Michael Howard's book plate to inside cover. Dust jacket has some wear.  See images



In the period after World War II, a number of new problems have risen to the top of the agenda of international diplomacy. The United Nations system as originally conceived was ill-adjusted to the tackling of these problems and accordingly new arrangements were necessary. One consequence was the holding of a number of special conferences through the United Nations system some of which were special sessions of the General Assembly. Such conferences often led to the setting up of new institutional arrangements or to significant adjustments in existing ones. These conferences were for a time a focus of world attention since they frequently acted as a major stimulus to new action. This book aims to consider the significance of the conferences and the implications of the changes which they brought about for the effectiveness of the United Nations framework. Not all the consequences were favourable and in some ways they reinforced the problems of co-ordination and management in the system. In the concluding chapter, some of these difficulties are considered in a report produced in the United Nations framework. The global issues considered include racial equality, disarmament, population problems, problems of food production and distribution and problems of the environment, of human rights and of international economic reform.


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