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From the Other World: Disembodied Voices by Rodney Davies (2005)

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  • Format - Paperback
  • Condition - Pages crisp and clear with tight binding. A few little areas of brown spotting. See images to fully assess condition.



The hearing of a voice in the absence of a speaker is commonly regarded as a sign of mental illness, yet many ordinary people throughout the ages have had this experience. The voice either calls out the hearer's name or speaks a few words. It is sometimes recognized as belonging to a relative or friend, who may be alive or dead, or it may be completely unknown. What is said is typically uplifting, sometimes even life-changing, while occasionally the voice may forewarn the hearer of a coming disaster and thereby prevent injury or even death. Indeed, the course of human history has been changed by the timely utterances of such disembodied voices. In this well-researched book, Rodney Davies examines numerous historical and present-day cases of this truly remarkable phenomenon. He not only reveals that disembodied voices are a generally positive influence in our lives, but he argues that their reality points to the existence of guardian spirits and/or divine beings who take a benign interest in our welfare.


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