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Bundle of 25 John Creasey Books - Paperback - Blame the Baron / Secret Murder...

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Paperback books in bundle:

  • Blame the Baron
  • The Big Call
  • The Secret Murder
  • Come Home to Crime
  • Death of a Racehorse
  • Follow the Toff
  • Sons of Satan
  • Shadow the Baron
  • Gideon's Men
  • Murder on the Line
  • So Young to Burn
  • Let's Kill Uncle Lionel
  • Murder Came Late
  • A Gun for Inspector West
  • Circle of Justice
  • Inspector West Regrets
  • The Executioners
  • Gideon's River
  • The Crime Syndicate
  • Incense of Death
  • Murder London-Miami
  • Death on the Move
  • Three Days Terror
  • Gideon's Lot
  • Alias the Baron

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