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Cry Korea by Reginald Thompson

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Cry Korea by Reginald Thompson 


Pages crisp and clear with tight binding. Michael Howard's book plate to inside cover. Netting visible on inside cover. Lightly yellowed. Light foxing in places. Book leaning. Cover worn. See images

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  •  Format - Hardback
  • Pages - 303



"The slayer needs merely touch a button, and death is on the wing, blindly blotting out the remote, the unknown people."

Reporting the Korean War was not easy, as General Douglas MacArthur was quick to expel those who wrote things he didn't wish to see in print. In "Cry Korea," Reginald Thompson tried to set the record straight.

Though no newcomer to war, Thompson was sickened by the carnage caused by America's military might. "Cry Korea" is not only a powerful piece of reportage, but a cry for us all to examine the all-too-resonant issues of modern conflict and intervention.


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